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Dr. E's Recovery Speakers Team

Education coupled with powerful story creates better learning. Dr. E travels frequently
with some amazing partners.  If you're interested in having one of them join a training along
with Dr. E (or even on their own!) Send us an email and we will hook you up! 

Rob Decker.jpg

Rob Decker

Rob Decker is a certified personal trainer with extensive experience working privately with clients as well as for major high end establishments such as Equinox and Lifetime Fitness.  He currently resides in Colorado. He is the founder of Kingdom F.I.T. cross-training. 

Rob is also a CCAR (Center for Addiction Recovery) Coach. CCAR focuses on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

Dr. E and Rob team up often for men's conferences and addiction training.
His story is POWERFUL! More on Rob Decker here:

Yolanda Maravilla.jpg

Yolanda Maravilla

Yolanda spent much of her adult life surviving the horrors of Domestic Violence and the subsequent bondage of chemical addiction. Her story isn't just about finding freedom though, its about finding purpose.  Currently she leads "Ragamuffin Ministry", a team that serves breakfast to over 100 homeless and under-resourced people a week and inspires others to see your mess can become your message.  On the side, she mentors abused women who have lost themselves and helps them to re-discover their beauty in Christ.

Wendy O.jpg

Wendy O.

The seemingly perfect marriage, perfect family and perfect faith seemed to have become a reality for Wendy. Then it began to disintegrate as she began to pay attention to the warning signs occurring around her.  When it was at the lowest points she had a ex-husband in prison, her and her children in therapy, and a bank account that was empty. Her story and her ministry to women recovering from life is about Arise To Freedom!  Which is also the name of her non profit; Arise To Freedom

 Dr. E  and his community lean on Wendy's story and wisdom often as  they help rescue other women from toxic relationships and abuse.

Dan Hugill.jpeg

Dan Hugill

The list of Dan's accomplishments are finally starting to surpass the number of crimes and felonies he's been accused of. Currently, Dan leads the Sanctuary Church's Recovery Ministry while also traveling the state teaching at prisons, recovery centers, and community groups. He leads numerous fitness programs with The Phoenix Colorado Springs chapter, co-facilitates IMPACT alumni for local problem solving courts, and is a practitioner of the Shaolin martial arts.

Bobby G LRez_edited.jpg

Bobby G.

Bobby has a long and deep history as a member of one of our nation's most notorious biker gangs. After years in and out of prison, Bobby and his wife encountered the power of the Cross of Christ and the opportunity to not only be forgiven but restored and repurposed in life. One of the founders of Rep Your Recovery, Bobby's material is now used in numerous Colorado penitentiaries and community corrections release programs. 

Other speakers who travel with Dr. E

  • Damon O : Former hard core drug user, inmate, and now preacher. 

  • Carie Smith: Former church hater, drug user, and broken single mom. 

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